Outstanda Program - Step by Step

Outstanda offers an innovative platform that transforms learning into a rewarding experience. By registering with us, schools can provide their students with the opportunity to earn while they learn. Our unique Learning Gigs program allows students to master assessments and earn scholarship funds, enhancing their academic journey.


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Step-by-Step Guide:


Register Your School with Outstanda

Start by registering your school with Outstanda. Once you complete the verification process, your school will be listed in our directory, opening doors to a world of learning opportunities for your students. Register Here


Approve Eligible Students and Assessments

Schools must have a policy in place (sample) and they have the authority to approve students eligible for assessments. Decide which assessments are available by school and by particular student.


Students Engage with Learning Gig Material

Students will study the Learning Gig material alongside their regular school curriculum. Projects and reviews should tie into coursework.  This integrated approach ensures they are well-prepared for the assessments.


Fund the Assessment School Fund

Schools must ensure they have sufficient funds in their Assessment School Fund. 90% of the funds schools use to buy assessments gets paid back to students when they pass.  Funding the school account unlocks assessments and enables students to get paid for their hard work.


Schedule a Proctor Visit

Schools may train their own proctors or pay for an outside proctor. Arrange for a proctored assessment session and set up an assessment room equipped with laptops. This ensures a conducive environment for students to take their assessments.


Students Take Assessments

Students can take one or more assessments, earning money for each one they pass. If a student doesn’t pass an assessment, they can retake it during a subsequent visit.


Students Request a Digital Credit Card

Once a student earns more than $25, they can request a digital credit card loaded with their funds. This card will be texted or emailed to them usually within three business days.

Join Outstanda today and empower your students with a unique learning experience that rewards their academic achievements.