School Participation with Outstanda

Motivate Students with Payment for Mastery

Outstanda is a nonprofit that develops learning assets for mastery and pays verified, approved students for completing lessons and demonstrating mastery.

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School Participation in Outstanda (Alpha)

Outstanda is able to release material publically right as they are approved. This is because it is always free curricula support for anyone, with no login. This means courses and lessons may seem incomplete because Outstanda is still working on portions.

Teachers, students, and schools can immediately use materials that are posted. However, the mastery assessment is not available until the course is complete. The assessment also requires a student to be verified and have an account, and an instructor to be overseeing the student.

Important: Long term, the plan includes paying all students. This is an important element of the program because it creates a bottom-up economy. It is also an added motivator for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may not be as motivated to learn. However, it is not realistic just starting out.

Currently, only a limited number of schools and students per school may participate in the assessment and receive payment. These schools may help fundraising to participate faster. We set up a custom page for you – and all money goes towards funding your program. You may apply to be on the waiting list, or you may apply to be a participant, which means you agree to help fund the program via donations.

Waiting list schools are waiting for particular programs to be developed, or funding to be available.


How much are students paid?

Students can learn and master topics as fast as they would like, and be paid each week for passing the assessments. The goal is to get to about $10 on average per course, per week. 80% of the funding raised for a school goes back to student payments and assessment costs. The other 20% is used for additional course development and support. Donors who do not specify a school help fund administrative costs. We reserve the right to modify this estimate in the future as the organization grows.

How much funding is needed for a school to participate?

Our summer program requires approximately $300 per student to run for two courses. This amount will vary based on the course level. So a school that wants to run a summer program in Math and Language Arts for 30 students would need to help raise $9,000 or more. This amount assumes a payout to the student of $200 for the summer.

Can schools simply buy the program?

Schools that have the funds may donate the required amount on behalf of the school in order to quickly be eligible. Please talk to us first, as we want to be sure your needs can be met in your timeframe before the donation.

Who does Outstanda Assessments?

For any payout for mastery, students must be verified, and the assessment takes place in a controlled environment where they are monitored by a licensed Outstanda Mastery Assessment Proctor (OMAP). This person can be a teacher in the school or be hired to come in on certain days to oversee testing. This person is paid a small stipend based on oversight, and should also be paid by the organization coordinating the learning.

How To Find Out More?

At this time, we are privately developing and testing many of the programs. You can see courses being developed and use the free learning resources here. Getting on the waitlist or joining the email list is the best option. We will let you know when features come available.