Sample School Policy

The goal of Outstanda is to help schools improve study habits, attendance, work ethic, and behavior, close learning gaps, and address poverty. This sample policy may be used by schools to craft their own program with Outstanda.

Outstanda School Policy Guide Template


Outstanda is an innovative educational platform that offers Learning Gigs, a unique program where students can prepare for and take assessments on various subjects. If they pass, they receive financial rewards. This guide outlines the policy for student participation in the Outstanda program.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Voluntary: Participation by students is voluntary and does not impact grades and graduation of students.
  2. Attendance: Students must maintain an attendance record of more than 95% in the last month, barring documented serious illness.
  3. Behavior: Students must exhibit exemplary behavior. Any student sent to the principal’s office for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for the next assessment visit.
  4. Academic Performance: All grades must be a ‘C’ or better for a student to participate in the Outstanda program.
  5. Serious Offences: Involvement in serious offenses such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and fighting will result in the student being ineligible for the program for the remainder of the academic year.

Participation Agreement

By participating in the Outstanda program, both the student and their parent/guardian agree to the following:

  • The student will be eligible to receive financial payments upon passing assessments.
  • The student will be assessed for mastery of various topics, and the assessments require a high degree of studying.
  • Unless explicitly requested, permission is granted for the student to be in photos and video while participating in the course.
  • The student’s achievements, such as certificates earned, are posted online.

Additional Policies

  • Preparation: Students are expected to prepare for assessments using both their regular school materials and the Learning Gig materials provided by Outstanda.
  • Assessment Environment: Schools will provide a suitable environment for assessments, including necessary equipment such as laptops.
  • Retakes: If a student does not pass an assessment, they may retake it during a subsequent visit. The schedule for retakes will be determined by the school in consultation with Outstanda.
  • Funding: Schools must ensure sufficient funds in their Assessment School Fund to unlock assessments and enable student payments.
  • Digital Credit Card: Students earning over $25 can request a digital credit card loaded with their funds. This card will be texted or emailed to them typically within three business days.

This policy guide is designed to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of the Outstanda program in our school. We believe that this initiative will motivate our students to excel academically and make learning a rewarding experience.