ABCs to ATMs - The Case for Paying Students to Learn

Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Workforce

While academic knowledge is crucial, the importance of job-specific skills cannot be overstated. Outstanda is committed to ensuring that students are not just academically sound but also job-ready. With courses designed to imbue practical skills like customer service, management, and positive workplace habits, Outstanda aims to prepare students for real-world challenges. Earning certificates in these areas not only boost their resume but also demonstrates their commitment to being a valuable employee.

Ten Essential Skills for Job Readiness

1. Customer Service Skills

Courses on customer service help students understand the nuances of dealing with different kinds of customers, resolving conflicts, and ensuring customer satisfaction—skills essential for any customer-facing role.

2. Time Management

Learning gigs focused on time management teach students how to prioritize tasks, manage their time efficiently, and meet deadlines, thus making them more productive employees.

3. Communication Skills

Courses on effective communication train students in both verbal and written communication, which are key to succeeding in any professional environment.

4. Leadership and Management

Outstanda offers learning gigs that impart fundamental management skills, including team leadership, project management, and effective decision-making.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Learning to read and respond to emotional cues can be a great asset in the workplace. Outstanda offers courses that help improve emotional intelligence.

6. Basic Accounting and Budgeting

A basic understanding of accounting and budget management can be valuable in almost any job role, from entry-level positions to management. Even when an employee does not work with the books, they will still have a better appreciation for the costs and responsibilities when in a job.

7. Conflict Resolution

Learning gigs in this area equip students with the skills to manage and resolve conflicts in a professional setting efficiently.

8. Networking Skills

Courses on networking teach students how to build and maintain professional relationships, which can open doors for them throughout their careers.

9. Professional Etiquette

From email correspondence to dressing appropriately, courses in professional etiquette prepare students for the unwritten rules of the workplace.

10. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Learning gigs that enhance critical thinking skills teach students to analyze complex problems and find effective solutions, making them invaluable assets to any employer.

All of these skills are not only learning gigs students can study, but they are also skills they will develop and practice in the project-based mastery format. Working in teams to solve problems will be second nature for future students.

Outstanda doesn’t just prepare students for academic success; it prepares them for life. By offering courses that are directly aligned with the skills required in the job market, Outstanda is equipping the youth to not just get jobs but to excel in them.

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