ABCs to ATMs - The Case for Paying Students to Learn

The Symbiosis of Outstanda and Universities: Pioneering a New Era in Higher Education

Outstanda is pioneering a revolutionary change in the educational landscape, making education at all levels accessible and even profitable for students. However, its role is not to replace universities but to complement and enhance them. Contrary to the fear that free access to college-level courses might undermine the traditional university system, Outstanda offers a plethora of advantages that could make higher education more effective, profitable, and globally recognized. 

The Advantages of Outstanda’s Impact on Universities

Financially Viable Students

Outstanda’s model of paying students to learn ensures that more students can afford the university experience, including residence and extra-curricular activities, which are a significant source of revenue for universities.

Increased Enrollment

When students are financially secure and academically prepared, enrollment rates are likely to rise, benefiting universities.

Global Student Base

Outstanda’s global reach can attract international students, diversifying the student body and enhancing the educational experience. Reduced cheating and standardized micro-assessments enhance a universities ability to assess the student’s qualifications.

Streamlined Admissions

Outstanda’s standardized assessments can simplify the admissions process, providing a more accurate measure of a student’s academic readiness. It also gives universities a better look at a student in terms of work ethic, which can be a new criteria for admission.

Lower Teaching Costs

The Outstanda model can reduce the cost of instruction, freeing up resources for research and extra-curricular activities. Universities are already good at creating a holistic student experience and this will only be enhanced.

Seamless Transfers

Outstanda’s universal educational standards can make transferring between universities more seamless.

Dual Enrollment

The standardized system could enable students to be enrolled in multiple institutions simultaneously, expanding their educational opportunities.

Research Funding

With lower operational costs, universities can channel more funds into research, enhancing their academic reputation and providing students with more hands-on experience.

Alumni Success

Outstanda’s practical, project-based learning can produce more successful graduates, increasing universities’ prestige and alumni donations. Plus the university is a big part of the academic profile of each student, including the university signatures of each learning gig.

Community Engagement

Outstanda’s project-based learning often involves community projects, which can strengthen the university’s relationship with its local community.

Global Rankings

Standardized, universally recognized assessments can provide a more accurate basis for global university rankings.  No more paying for false rankings. The system is based on the success of students and cannot be bought or influenced.

Advanced Courses

Universities can offer more specialized courses and degrees, knowing that fundamental subjects are covered by Outstanda.

Faculty Development

With the availability of more funds, universities can invest in faculty development programs, enhancing the quality of education. Any instructor is also a student, and their profile will reflect their ongoing commitment to learning.

Real-world Preparedness

Outstanda’s focus on practical skills ensures that students are better prepared for real-world challenges and they have knowledge that makes them better critical thinkers, making university education more valuable.

Lifelong Learning

Universities can offer continuous learning opportunities, as Outstanda’s model encourages lifelong education.

Accreditation Simplification

Outstanda’s standardized assessments can simplify the accreditation process for universities.  The outside assessment for each learning gig means that you no longer have to take a university’s word for it. 


Outstanda’s financial incentives can encourage student entrepreneurship, adding a new dimension to university education.


By making education accessible to all, Outstanda can help universities become more inclusive. The onramp for university studies will overlap with high school studies to a greater degree, gradually building student confidence and interest in otherwise marginalized groups.

Quality Control

Outstanda’s assessments provide a way to maintain educational quality, both within a university and across different institutions. If certain courses are not trending in line with standard outcomes for your student population, the university has data on which they can act.

Cultural Exchange

The global nature of Outstanda can facilitate cultural exchange programs, enriching the educational environment. Creating a standard for learning that is accepted universally makes mobility and enrichment much easier.

A Bright Future for Higher Education

Far from being a threat, Outstanda represents an unprecedented opportunity for universities to evolve and adapt to the changing educational landscape. The model offers a win-win situation for both students and institutions, making higher education more accessible, effective, and globally relevant. Universities that embrace this innovative approach stand to gain immensely in this new era of education.

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