Outstanda School Registration

Offer More. Become an Outstanda Registered School.  $150 Annual Membership – Benefits Below.

 Registered schools support, contribute, and benefit from our mission to improve mastery learning methodology, provide open materials, motivate students by paying them for success, create global standards, and develop life-long learners. 

Benefits of Registration Below

Online Moderated Collaboartion Discord

Online community allows members to communicate, share, and ask questions. Moderated and private to the group.

Proctor Services

Proctors are certified to oversee assessments and can conduct verification in the organization. Only registered schools may do paid assessments.

Access and Input Into Research / Reports

All members get access and optional input into research conducted on motivation and accountability.

School / Organization Profile

Having your school profile on Outstanda attracts the best students who want to learn and appreciate the incentives.