Turning Summer Learning Losses into Summer Learning Gains

Outstanda is a nonprofit helping students work at their own pace, master important topics, and gain knowledge that helps them accomplish their academic goals at an earlier age.


    Decreasing Dropout Risk


    Closing Gaps in Knowledge


    More AP Classes


    Graduating with Higher GPA


    Early Graduation


    Early College

    Summer Learning Loss

    Outstanda enhances summer learning with mastery-focused free programs and increased motivation by paying students who succeed in mastering materials.

    What we Do

    College at 14?

    Students experiencing a summer loss of learning might never get to the 6th-grade academic level.  By reversing summer learning loss with summer learning gains, students will rapidly advance. Those who want will be able to achieve goals, such as graduating early, attending college early, or entering a prestigious program.


    Average Students Can Enter College Early


    Mastery Programs Support Learning Retention

    R & D

    Program monitors effectiveness and makes rapid adjustments to achieve learning clarity and retention.


    Development of Global blockchain credentialling with broadly accepted standards.

    Hybrid Learning

    are The materials free and open to the public. Access from home, school, or anywhere with Internet access.

    Master Core Components

    By reducing fluff and focusing on mastery of core materials, students can deeply learn and retain materials.

    nonprofit results

    Simple Math & Big Results

    In 2022, 40% summer learning loss became common for disadvantaged groups.

    It takes only $300 to sponsor one student in this program for one summer. The majority goes to the student and the teacher/school supporting the student. With the potential to make money weekly, students will be more motivated and focused. 


    Outstanda grows this program with donations


    Schools verify student results and oversee progress

    Transforming education

    Practical Today & Building for Tomorrow

    Outstanda is building a long-term program that can scale and provide students payment throughout the school year and during the summer at all levels of education. Blockchain technologies make it possible. However, today the most practical thing is to pay students in cash each week and develop the best model for the future as we learn from our successes and challenges. We need your support to keep addressing this important issue.

    Turn Learning Loss Into Learning Gains

    Donate any amount and make a difference to students in the short term by adding to family resources and long term by improving their educational opportunities.

    Does Your School Want to Participate?

    Any school may access Outstanda Mastery Curricula. In order to be eligible for verified assessments and payments to students, schools must complete training and have some level of sponsorship.  Apply for more details.

    Nonprofit designing mastery curricula that are open to all and pay verified, registered students for success.

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