The "No Excuses" Campaign

A $1.5M Fundraising Campaign to end excuses and fix academic performance and behavioral issues in the classroom.

No Excuse for Students

Students are motivated by scholarship earning, funds for their family, and causes that can be supported with their earnings. Clear mastery materials and progressing at student’s learning pace make learning less stressful and more fulfilling.

No Excuse for Schools

Schools do not rely on 1 or 2 tests per year with Outstanda. Instead, Learning Gigs provide real-time progress on mastery and meeting the standards set for the schools. Students who fall behind can get intervention before the issue gets worse.

No Excuse for Parents

Parents know exactly where their student stands and the progress they are making based on global edcuation standards, not a grade given to pass students despite little learning. Parents want accountability for students and schools.

No Excuse for Teachers

Teachers retain creativity and joy in teaching while feeling less stress and dealing with fewer behavioral issues. When students care about academics and take ownership of thier learning, a teacher becomes an appreciated mentor and more successful with students.

Improving Learning Accountability

Together we can improve learning accountability without disrupting the great things already being done in education. Help us build on the positive and use modern technology to create standards and improve motivation for student everywhere.

The $1.5M “No Excuses” Campaign


Thank you for supporting Outstanda, or considering supporting us by visiting this page. We cannot reach our goals and make a difference without donors.

Outstanda is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to Improving Educational Outcomes by Paying Students to Take Learning Seriously and Using AI to Improve Materials and Learning.

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Campaign Summary

By Summer 2024, Oustanda will raise $1.5 M to expand operations and reach more students. We appreciate the support we recieve from organizations that want to support communities and kids.

Our corporate sponsors are the biggest beneficiaries. When a population becomes more educated and has more income, the economy booms.  We appreciate Teachers, Parents, and Students forwarding this page to someone they know at a potential corporate sponsor. A warm referral is always the most effective way to start a relationship.

Outstanda pays students to learn and demonstrate mastery in Learning Gigs in the form of scholarships. This motivates students and improves family resources. It reduces the cost of higher education and results in more prosperity for individuals and their communities. Students can use these scholarships for any expenses.

Everyone can help us reach these goals.

Thank you for visiting our campaign page. We also appreciate donations of any amount here as part of our crowdfunding effort.

Larger donations, please send a donation check to:

PO Box 295
Kent, Ohio 44240


Campaign: $1,500,000


System Improvements


Curricula Development



Facts About Outstanda

  • All Materials Freely Available – No Login
  • Reducing Bias in Learning
  • Blending K to 12 and Higher Education
  • Exact Same Standards Globally
  • No Misinformation
  • Reduced Stress with Self-Paced Learning
  • Portable Credentials