ABCs to ATMs

The Case for Paying Students To Learn

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  • Solves many of the problems in education
  • Saves schools money
  • Improves academic results
  • Helps teachers love teaching again
  • Based on research that saw dramatic results in only a few weeks

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“ABCs to ATMs: The Case for Paying Students to Learn” is FREE!

Your Guide to the Future of Education

Why You Can’t Miss This Book 

Are you frustrated with the current state of education? Do you believe there’s a better way to engage students, improve academic outcomes, and prepare the next generation for the challenges ahead? “ABCs to ATMs” is your deep dive into an educational revolution that promises to shake up the status quo.

Transform Education, Ignite Economies 

Imagine a world where students are financially rewarded for their academic achievements. This isn’t a utopian dream but a well-reasoned, data-backed proposal that could redefine our approach to education. By paying students to learn, we can revitalize local economies, foster a culture of lifelong learning, and unlock untapped human potential.

A Paradigm Shift You Didn’t See Coming 

This book dispels the myth that paying students resembles a socialist agenda. Instead, it illustrates how this merit-based model is deeply rooted in capitalism, promoting hard work, skill acquisition, and personal responsibility. Prepare your kids for a competitive labor market while instilling the values and skills crucial for their success.

A Global Movement Begins with You 

“ABCs to ATMs” isn’t just about transforming one school or one community; it’s about instigating a global movement. Learn about the far-reaching implications of this model, from poverty reduction and entrepreneurial stimulation to the advancement of human rights.

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Preamble: A Transformative Summer Experiment

What happens when you surprise a group of summer students with an opportunity to make $100 in three weeks for basic learning?

Introduction: Setting the Stage

Introducing the benefits and overall format for how students can be compensated in a fair way that helps students, families, and the schools.

Chapter 1: Classrooms Today

Classrooms are changing. Technology and new learning approaches are being introduced. Yet, results continue to decline. Why is that?

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Education and Incentives

Breaking down the incredible progress that has been made over the last 100 years in education. But how do we get students to buy in?

Chapter 3: The Psychology of Motivation

What motivated students 100 years ago will not motivate students today. They are savvy and they know they can just look things up.

Chapter 4: Independent Centers for Assessment

Separating the assessments from the teachers takes stress off of the teachers and empowers them to focus on preparing students.

Chapter 5: Financial Viability

How can already cash-strapped schools afford to start paying students? This model is designed on rethinking edcuation and putting scholars first.

Chapter 6: Mastery and Micro-Assessments

Learning is more deep and meaningful when combining mastery principles with micro-assessments to verify knowledge.

Chapter 7: Project-Based Verification

Teachers mentor and coach students through project-based mastery in order to qualify for a chance to pass the assessment and earn.

Chapter 8: Blended Learning and Behavioral Change

Using a blended learning model, schools can impliment a Learning Gig atmosphere that makes sense to modern students.

Chapter 9: Pacing and Personalization

Students invest more effort into an education where they have some control of the topics and more freedom to move at a comfortable pace.

Chapter 10: Wider Implications

Paying students to learn has a wide impact that reaches beyond the students, the school, and the families. Paying students to learn creates a vibrant global inpact.

Chapter 11: Cost Benefits to Schools

Paying students cost money but there are many cost benefits to schools to make this approach possible.

Chapter 12: The Ripple Effect: Homes and Communities

Many issues are greatly reduced in communities when some of the poorest and most at-risk members start getting paid for the work they do.

Chapter 13: Financial Planning and Long-term Benefits

Helping students plan for the future and helping them earn the means to achieve their goals is a benefit to everyone, no matter the dream.

Chapter 14: Academic Head Starts

Starting in a nurturing environment and progressing to paid learning gigs that see students taking college courses can be common.

Chapter 15: Leverage for Higher Standards

When you start paying students for mastery of learning, students start caring a great deal more about their education.

Chapter 16: Challenges and Criticisms

No one has all the answers. This chapter addresses the common concerns and criticisms about paying students to learn.

Chapter 17: Future Prospects

Things are changing. AI will impact education. More importantly, students need to still want to get educated. Paying is the best option.

Additional Insights: Essays to Expand the Topic

Transition from book to a series of essays on related topics around paying students to learn and how it impacts many things.

Fueling Academic Rivalry and Cultivating Elite Performers

Competition comes natually when people understand the game. Paying students to learn gives education a new, more fair scorecard.

Unlock the Potential of Travel Study Programs

When students are paid to learn, more students can realize the dream of learning abroad. And Learning Gigs make learning portable.

Bridging Human Potential and Artificial Intelligence

How will we use AI to help students achieve their full potential, instead of shortcut learning? Learning gigs are a new form of accountability.

From the Classroom to the Field: Outstanda's Athletic Advantage

Physical fitness and athletics are stronger in a model where students have more resources and more flexibility with their schedules.

Transforming the World One Lesson Gig at a Time

The Lesson Gig model is the perfect strategy for education to reach every corner of the globe and decrease poverty through learning.

Uniting the World through Words

Learning Gigs in many languages but tied to the same standards brings the same educational and economic benefits no matter the background.

Pioneering a New Era in Higher Education

Learning Gigs and increase resources both play an important part in creating lifelong learners, which includes increased college enrollment.

Fostering Philanthropy from the Classroom to the World

Increasing philanthropy while also reducing the community’s needs squeezes the problems from both ends.

Corporate Training and Professional Development

Learning Gigs provide opportunities for organizations to enhance training and solve problems at the same time. 

Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Workforce

Learning gigs and paying students to learn prepare today’s young people to excel at their jobs in the future.

The Challenges of Creating a Globally Acceptable Curriculum

Education that is acceptable to a global community has many challenges. Clear standards and fairness are a must.

Combating Cheating in Education

When students are paid to learn, cheating becomes even more serious. Financial fraud can have significant penalties.

Socialism in Education

Is paying students to learn a form of socialism or is it the best example of capitalism? It all depends on the implementation.