Employment Soft Skills

Free Learning Gig – Learn and Earn

Created for high school students preparing for their first trade or professional job. This course teaches skills such as interviewing, resume development, keeping the job, customer service, and handling complaints.

Outstanda Learning Gig Development

Free Learning Gig – Learn and Earn

Learn to develop curriculum, design assessments, use AI to speed up course material development, and fully plan a learning experience.

Beginner Spanish 1.1

Free Learning Gig – Learn and Earn

Created for middle school or high school Spanish courses. This is an introduction to Spanish with assets for instructors to use in class.

Outstanda Education Collaborative

  • Outstanda membership is comprised of people from schools, districts, state agencies, regional programs, companies, departments of education, and people passionate about education..
  • Our member work together in a private, moderated Discord.
  • State and regional members act as the voice for their region, including mapping standards.
  • Organizational and individual members participate in webinars, can work on micro-projects, may serve on the Outstanda Program Committee, and offer general support and feedback for Outstanda’s work.
  • All members can access our digital community and have a say in the development and review of educational resources. 

Corporate Giving

In today’s competitive landscape, attracting top talent requires businesses to actively engage in charitable endeavors and contribute to the community. With Outstanda, corporations can support schools and students, invest in the future workforce, and engage employees through initiatives like volunteer curriculum development days and charitable matching programs, as well as direct tax-deductable donations for scholarships.

Individual Donations

Jobs are going to change rapidly as technology advances. Not only does everyone need to become an active, lifelong learner, but we also need to start paying people for working on themselves. Outstanda does not pay out enough to quit your day job, but it does provide a valuable “Gig” source of added income. Learning Gigs via Oustanda will become a common secondary source of income while also helping people become better educated, more employable, and stronger members of society.



Outstanda is testing, developing, and delivering global curricula and an assessment system that makes mastery flexible, verifiable, and portable.

The program allows for self-paced mastery to assure each student demonstrates knowledge and is accountable for their own learning.

Courses are free and open, with no login required. Only the assessments are restricted. Schools, universities, and organizations can unlock them by paying student scholarship funding for successful assessments.


Outstanda is researching and testings tools that will:

  • Motivate Students to Master Materials
  • Allow Students to Work from Anywhere
  • Make Achievements Portable
  • Reduce Age, Grade, and GPA Relevance
  • Improve the Financial Stability of Students
  • Reduce Classroom Behavior Issues

Collaborative Nonprofit designing mastery curricula that are open to all and pay verified, registered students for success.


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